The Nonprofit CEO Succession Roadmap

Coming Summer 2017 – New Exit Planning Guide Exclusively for Nonprofit Executives

Thousands of nonprofit leaders are heading toward retirement
without a plan. 
Are you one of them?

You’ve worked hard to build a great organization. Now you’re headed toward life’s next chapter. But do you have a plan? A plan to prepare yourself for what’s next? A plan to ensure that your leadership legacy endures? A plan to help your board give this crucial leadership change the attention it deserves?

The Nonprofit CEO Succession Roadmap: Your Guide for the Journey to Life’s Next Chapter is a new book that provides actionable solutions to these questions and more. Focusing on the last few years and months of a soon-to-retire nonprofit executive’s job tenure,The Nonprofit CEO Succession Roadmap is the first succession planning guide to examine the departing CEO’s unique leadership roles in preparing for the transition:

  • Prepare your organization – make sure your board, senior management team, and the organization overall are ready for the transition; manage communications (from telling your board to telling your community); develop potential internal successors.
  • Prepare yourself – sort out your personal and professional readiness for what’s next and discover the five success factors for a satisfying post-career life.
  • Lead the organization through the transition – face the special role of a leader-in-transition, support the board and your team, and navigate the politics and emotions.

Authored by veteran nonprofit CEO search and succession consultant Don Tebbe, The Nonprofit CEO Succession Roadmap is founded on more than 20 years of experience working with hundreds of organizations, dozens of conversations with departing executives, and extensive research. (Tebbe also authored the award-winning BoardSource book Chief Executive Transitions: How to Hire and Support a Nonprofit CEO.)

MakeThe Nonprofit CEO Succession Roadmap your guide for avoiding the pitfalls and getting the most out of this momentous change – for yourself and your organization.

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The Exit Planner’s Manifesto

PART 1 – Take Charge of Your Exit

  1. Every executive needs an exit strategy
  2. Exploring life’s next chapter
  3. Choosing retirement
  4. Plotting your succession timeline
  5. Succession readiness and your three jobs

PART 2 – Prepare Your Organization

  1. Assessing timing and readiness
  2. The sustaining phase
  3. The transitioning phase
  4. Preparing potential successors
  5. Preparing the CEO role
  6. Managing communications

PART 3 – Prepare Yourself

  1. Preparing yourself
  2. Ensuring well-being in retirement
  3. Creating a magnetic post-career project
  4. Building a social support network
  5. Aligning with your spouse/significant other
  6. Assessing financial security

PART 4 – Lead Through the Transition

  1. Exploring the psychology of transitions
  2. Leading the organization through the transition
  3. Leaving the organization

Epilogue – Successful Aging

Appendix –Exit Planning Toolkit