Leadership Succession Planning

I work with nonprofit CEOs, their boards, and management teams to ensure the sustainability and vitality of their organizations during times of senior leadership transitions.

Here’s how I help:

  • Leadership Succession Planning – I help CEOs and their boards (and, in many cases, the senior executive team as well) to develop succession plans for the CEO and other top leadership positions. This might include a plan for an upcoming CEO transition, a plan to develop internal leaders, or a succession policy and executive backup plan to ensure leadership continuity.
  • CEO Transition Management – I work with boards and executives to plan their CEO transition, avoiding the pitfalls and capturing the opportunities. I help them see beyond the search and recognize that a CEO transition is a multi-year arc of events that represents a significant organizational change. I then help them develop a plan to manage the transition process and prepare their team to carry out the plan. I also help them assess their needs for external support and identify search firms or other advisors that best fit their requirements.
  • Executive Exit Planning – Working with nonprofit CEOs who are planning to retire or leave their position within a year or two, I help them develop an exit strategy and related plans to prepare themselves and their organization to thrive in life’s next chapter. I coach departing executives to develop an exit plan that will strengthen their nonprofit, pave the way for their successor, and announce their departure plans.
  • Organizational Sustainability Planning – This involves working with CEOs, their boards, and executive teams to create more sustainable futures for their organizations. Sustainability involves much more than finances. In fact, financial outlook is the consequence of building strengths in other areas of the organization. I help executives and boards identify, assess, and strengthen those areas and capabilities that underpin sustainability.
  • CEO Onboarding – I work with boards and incoming CEOs to help them get off to a fast start. I help the new executive and board clarify priorities, re-assess legacy roles and responsibilities, establish clear expectations, and define performance measures.

For more information about how I can help you and your organization plan for CEO succession and ensure leadership continuity, please call (240) 813-4681 or send me an email.