Exits From the Top Episode #1 – Welcome

Welcome to Episode #1 of Exits From the Top. This is a short welcome to the Exits From the Top podcast and YouTube channel and overview of future episodes. Our goal is to help soon-to-retire executives  to take charge of their exits and prepare themselves and their organizations to thrive in life’s next chapter.

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What We Cover

The episodes are going to be organized around four themes.

  1. Strengthening the organization before and during the leadership transition. We will start off with a series of six interviews with national thought leaders who are experts in various aspects of organizational sustainability and capacity building.
  2. Succession tools and strategies. We will continue the interviews with subject matter experts and cover topics ranging from late career salary negotiations to managing transition communications. And many more nuts and bolts topics like that.
  3. Preparing for life’s next chapter.  This series will look at life on the other side of the retirement threshold, covering topics such as creating a magnetic post-career project – something that draws you into life’s next chapter. And many other post-career lifestyle topics.
  4. Succession Stories. This will be an ongoing series of voice of experience interviews with colleagues – former executives who have made the transition to post-career life. They’ll be sharing with us succession and transition tips as well as advice about life beyond the leadership role.

We hope that you find Exits From The Top to be more than just a podcast – that it’s a master course on executive succession planning.

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