Chief Executive Transitions: How to Hire and Support a Nonprofit CEO, Second Editionmcadam

Nearly every nonprofit board will face the challenge of hiring a new chief executive at some point. CEO transitions are complicated, but managing them well is easier than you think. The new edition of this Terry McAdam Book Award winner guides boards through the entire transition process — from planning for leadership change through the post-hire onboarding of their new CEO.

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The Community Action Partnership Sustainability Toolkit

This toolkit is a three-part series of succession and sustainability guides published by the Community Action Partnership, the national association for Community Action Agencies and their leaders. Although the guides were written with Community Action Agencies in mind, the principles apply to all nonprofits. They were designed to help leaders strengthen the capacity of their organizations, especially those organizations facing a CEO transition in the near future. Each of the guides can be used individually, but they can be used together to help leaders strengthen their organizations and manage leadership turnover.

CAP Toolkit - Part 1 - Sustainability Planning CoverThe Organizational Sustainability Planning Guide is a tool for assessing and strengthening the areas critical to the organization’s long-term sustainability by conducting an organizational sustainability assessment and using the results to develop an organizational sustainability action plan. Click here for FREE download.



CAP Toolkit - Part 2 - Succession Planning CoverThe Executive Succession Planning Guide provides an overview of three approaches to succession planning and presents a detailed approach for developing “succession essentials,” a board-adopted succession policy for the chief executive position and a companion emergency backup plan for the CEO position, but it can be adapted to other staff leadership positions as well. Click here for FREE download.


CAP Toolkit - Part 3 - Executive Transition Management CoverThe Executive Transition Management Guide presents a three-phase approach for managing turnover in a leadership position, especially the CEO position. Click here for FREE download.