Board Basics Resources

Thanks for attending the workshop!

Here are the resources that I promised to share in my session on planning. Enjoy!

Download a free copy of the Executive Succession Essentials Planning guide, click on the image below.

Learn more about the Sustainability Mindset, click the image below.

Download the Matrix Map Excel File, click the link below.

Suggested Impact Criteria for the Matrix Map assessment.

Here’s a starter list of core criteria for assessing the impact portion of the Matrix Map.

  1. Alignment with core mission: how well does this program fit with our core mission?
  2. Contribution to social impact vision: is this program essential to achieving our social impact vision?
  3. Excellence in execution: is the program exceptionally well delivered? How well does it fit our capabilities/capacity?
  4. Scale: how many people/organizations/entities are affected or changed by the program?
  5. Depth: how deeply are the program participants influenced or changed by the program?
  6. Community/constituency building: does the program expand our community of constituents?
  7. Significant unmet need: would the absence of this program leave a hole in the marketplace or safety net? Is there significant competition with similar offerings? If this program went away, would the demand be met elsewhere?
  8. Leverage: does the program expand our network of external relationships/partnerships/supporters or funding? Are there synergies?

Download the additional tools to use the Matrix Map assessment.

Download a free organizational sustainability planning guide, click the image below.