Since 1993, I’ve spoken at and facilitated events attended by thousands of nonprofit leaders. Whether it’s a conference talk where they’re inspired to take action, a workshop where they learn more, or an intensive retreat where they plan deep, my singular goal is for leaders to go back to their organizations with a clear eye about how to manage the transition and greater confidence to tackle the challenge.

My perspective is built on over 25 years of experience working with hundreds of nonprofits, frequent deep dives into the research literature, and working with teams that developed many of the practices in use by succession practitioners across the country.

Signature Topics

Here are my signature topics, but I love to explore just about any subject that involves governance, executive leadership, and strategy.

  • The Nonprofit CEO Succession Roadmap Retreat. A two-day intensive event for nonprofit chief executives to prepare themselves and their organizations for their eventual transition out of the CEO role. Based on my new book of the same title, I cover: (1) taking charge of your exit, (2) preparing your organization for CEO succession, (3) getting yourself ready for life’s next chapter, and (4) leading the organization through the transition. Audience: soon-to-retire nonprofit CEOs.
  • Managing CEO Transitions: The Board’s Six Tasks gets board members to recognize that replacing their CEO is more than a hiring challenge. I help them see that it’s a big change for the organization. And I walk them through the tasks and tools for managing the transition well. Formats: plenary or breakout session, or half-day workshop. Audience: nonprofit board leaders and chief executives.
  • Seven Steps to Successful Leadership Succession explores the critical path in CEO succession, from the decision to leave to the actual departure. Formats: plenary or breakout session, or half-day workshop. Audience: nonprofit CEOs and board members.
  • Six Keys for Building a Sustainable Nonprofit. Many nonprofit leaders mistakenly think that organizational sustainability is about money. Research shows it’s much deeper than that. This session digs into the six fundamentals of sustainability. It includes several assessment tools that participants can use to map out a sustainability plan for their organization. Formats: plenary or breakout session, or half-day workshop. Audience: nonprofit CEOs, senior staff, and board members.
  • Moving In, Moving Up, and Moving On: Learning to Lead at Every Career Turn. This talk explores leader development and learning at three career stages: moving into a leadership role, moving up into your next leadership role, and moving on – the leadership in leaving your position. Formats: plenary or breakout session. Audience: nonprofit executives and staff.

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