BHAGs – The missing link between vision and accomplishment

We’ve all seen them, read them, and maybe even written some of them – lofty vision statements that are meant to inspire our teams and spur forward action. But do they? More often than not, there’s a missing link between vision and action: concrete goals and a plan for fulfillment. A plan that reaches beyond the annual or three-year strategic plan and provides a bridge to a future where that vision is realized.

A BHAG can provide that critical link.

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Book Summary: Silicon Valley’s success formula.

Measure What Matters:
How Google, Bono, and the Gates Foundation Rock the World with OKRs

by John Doerr

In this book, you will learn about OKRs, a management methodology to identify the most pressing issues in your organization, your department, your team, or in your own work, and get your people aligned and in action on them. It’s the management approach, in part, behind Google’s massive success and that of other businesses and nonprofits.

OKRs stands for “Objectives” and “Key Results.” An objective describes what’s to be accomplished. Key results are the measures to achieve the Objective and the benchmarks to monitor results.

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