Leadership Transitions: How to Avoid the Mess

Don Tebbe is Joan Garry’s guest for Episode 29 of her podcast, Nonprofits are Messy. Here’s the link: Leadership Transitions: How to Avoid the Mess. Join Don and Joan for a lively discussion that covers:

  • Recent trends in leadership transitions in the nonprofit sector
  • How to create a WRITTEN succession plan (and why it’s critical)
  • The single biggest mistake boards make in succession planning
  • The three things a board needs to do when confronted with a transition
  • Pros and cons of hiring internal candidates
  • What to do if you think you made the wrong hire

Also, check out her book, Joan Garry’s Guide to Nonprofit Leadership. In nine chapters, she covers a range of leadership topics, including how to:

  • Build a powerhouse board
  • Create an impressive and sustainable fundraising program
  • Become seen as a “workplace of choice”
  • Be a compelling public face of your nonprofit

Joan’s offering two free bonus guides when you buy the book:

  • The 14 Attributes of a Thriving Nonprofit
  • A Guide to Running a Great Board Meeting

Here’s a link for more info and where you can buy the book and get the bonuses: Nonprofits Are Messy