The Nonprofit CEO Succession Roadmap

Your Guide for the Journey to Life’s Next Chapter

Are you a retirement-age nonprofit CEO? Have you put off planning your exit?
You’ve worked hard to build a great organization. Now you’re headed towards life’s next chapter. But do you have a plan? A plan to prepare yourself for what’s next? A plan to ensure that your leadership legacy endures? A plan to help your board give this crucial change the attention your organization deserves?

The Nonprofit CEO Succession Roadmap: Your Guide for the Journey to Life’s Next Chapter provides actionable solutions to these questions and more. Focused on exactly where you are — facing the journey through the last few years and months of your career — this is your guide to taking charge of your exit and moving through your three unique jobs of a leader-in-transition:

  • Prepare your board and your organization — make sure your board, your management team, your job, and your organization are ready for the transition.
  • Prepare yourself — sort out your personal and professional readiness for what’s next and discover the five success factors to flourish in post-career life.
  • Lead the organization through the transition — pilot the organization through this exceptional time in its history, support the board and your team, and navigate the changes, politics, and emotions.

The Nonprofit CEO Succession Roadmap is filled with street-smarts wisdom from one of America’s most experienced leadership succession consultants. Serving over a decade as a chief executive and five-time interim CEO, Don Tebbe experienced first-hand the challenges of executive succession. Since founding his consulting practice in 1993, he’s helped hundreds of nonprofit leaders plan for and manage turnover in their chief executive position. He’s also the award-winning author of Chief Executive Transitions: How to Hire and Support a Nonprofit CEO.

Make The Nonprofit CEO Succession Roadmap your guide. Avoid the pitfalls and get the most out of this momentous change – for yourself and your organization.

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The Departure Manifesto


How to Use This Book

Part I — Get Ready for Succession

  1. Every Executive Needs an Exit Strategy
  2. Exploring Life’s Next Chapter
  3. Choosing Retirement
  4. Getting Ready for Leadership Succession

Part II — Understand the Psychology of Transitions

  1. Understanding the Psychology of Transitions
  2. Using Brain Science to Navigate the Transition
  3. Exploring How Mindset Shapes Executive Departure Styles
  4. Leaving Work That Feels Like a Calling

Part III — Prepare Your Organization

  1. Ask These Big Questions First
  2. The Sustaining Phase
  3. The Transitioning Phase
  4. The Onboarding (and Supporting) Phase
  5. Getting the CEO Job Successor-Ready
  6. Preparing Internal Successors
  7. Managing Succession Communications

Part IV — Prepare Yourself

  1. Facing Life’s Biggest Transition
  2. Preparing Yourself Personally
  3. Preparing Yourself Professionally
  4. Designing Your Life’s Next Chapter

Part V — Lead the Organization Through the Succession Process

  1. Leading the Organization
  2. Leaving the Organization

Epilogue – Successful Aging

Roadmap Resources (online and ready to download)

  • Organizational Sustainability Assessment
  • Executive Departure Announcement Worksheet
  • CEO Job Unpacking Worksheet
  • Social Support Network Assessment Tool
  • New CEO Onboarding and Handoff Checklists

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